Process Map

Our Customers Journey....

One of our competitive advantages in the space we operate is our willingness to be completely transparent with our customers.

We believe the financial industry as a whole has been (and still is) extremely “under-served” in regard to customer service and supplier engagement.

We intend to add value by aligning expectations and inviting our customers to view and understand how we go about our work.  After all…they are the reason we are here.

Receive & Process

The order is received (through multiple modes) and it is entered into our system (added to the queue).

A confirmation email is sent to the customer…

“Thank you so much for the order.  It’s in the queue and we are working on it.  We will be in touch with any questions”

Each order is given the following:

-A unique tracking id

-An assigned “looker” for inspection

-An order completion date

Inspect The Subject

Depending on your request, the subject is either inspected via a drive-by look, or an interior observation is scheduled with a property representative.

When the inspection has been completed, an “observation date” is assigned to the project.

Reconcile The Value

Information on the subject is collected using multiple sources.   Things like…


-Recent sales

-Square footage / acreage

-Year built

-Room counts

-Current usage

-Etc, etc, etc

Also…we assign a “looker” for the observation of the subject property.

Facilitate Quality Control

Each day (around 3pm) we have what we call in our office….a “Murder Board Session”.  This  meeting is facilitated by our lead general appraiser (Mark Olson – 35 years experience.)

It’s a very odd name…but it serves a very important purpose.  Our operations team meets in our main conference room and every project in WIP is brought up on the big screen for everybody to “shoot holes” in the logic, comps, values, etc that have been authored by the report writer.  Of course, the report writer has a chance to defend their logic…but in the end the group decides what should be done / modified.

At this point, the report writer makes the necessary changes then hands the report off to a different set of eyes for the final “internal review” (which is actually published with our reporting package).  Then it is back in the hands of the primary report writer and ready for final review & delivery.

Complete & Deliver

Back from the “murder board session” as well as the “internal review” processes…the evaluation is now back in the hands of the primary author and is ready for final review & delivery.

The author does a final overview / proof of the document, creates the evaluation package, and sends it off to the customer, along with an invoice that details any charges, etc that were incurred.