Scott McFarlane

Scott McFarlane | COO

Q: Where are you from?
A: Willard, WI (unincorporated town in north-central Wisconsin)

Q: Where do you wish you were from?
A: I loved where I grew up and wouldn’t change it. We were surrounded by miles of farm land and country forest…an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Q: What are your favorite pass-times / hobbies?
A: My passion is bowhunting and I love taking the kids hunting with me. We typically don’t see much because we are having too much fun in the tree stand. We are also very active in the kids’ sports programs.

Q: What’s your favorite movie…and why?
A: There are so many…but I would have to say Super Troopers…because of all the one liners.

Q: What’s your favorite dinosaur?
A: Raptor (Jurassic Park Series version). I love how they are fierce and work as a team.