Trendon Albers

Trendon Albers | Sr. Account Mgr

Q:  Where are you from?

A:  Born in Marysville, OH…but moved to Merrill, WI when I was 2.

Q:  Where do you wish you were from?

A:  Somewhere more exotic than Merrill.  Though my personality kinda screams “Merrill”, I think I could go for being from somewhere way more hardcore like the Australian Outback.  I think an accent would do me some good.

Q:  What are your favorite pass-times / hobbies?

A:  Played a lot of ultimate frisbee in my day.  I love to workout…but I love food just as much.  I enjoy a campfire in the cool outdoors as well.  Don’t be deceived, I do not like camping.  The fire is right outside of my house where I can sleep in my own bed.

Q:  What’s your favorite movie…and why?

A:  Gladiator.  The “why” is a moving target.  Somewhere between the surface answer of “it’s hardcore” and the deeper answer of the morally sound underdog avenging his family and freeing slaves despite the greater powers against him.

Q:  What’s your favorite dinosaur?

A:  Triceratops for the practical reason that it would give me a pretty awesome commute.  I also like the aspect that it’s a gentle giant that can defend itself.   I sound like a nerd that knows his dino’s…